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Pipeline Biotech | Company


About us

In 1999 Klaus Kristensen founded Pipeline Biotech as an independent CRO operating in Denmark.  In 2012 he followed up with a Swedish branch. Today it is operated from state-of-the-art facilities as one company specialized in preclinical pharmacology.  Over the years the company has established a track record of more than 200 sponsors for which more than 1500 studies and projects has been performed.

Our laboratories are designed and approved to experimental animal research and cell biology. Laboratory animals are housed at different levels of barrier protection including GMO Class I and Class II and Biohazard Class III. All experiments are performed in accordance with EU-regulations and approved by the National Animal Experiments Inspectorate.

Our experienced study directors are dedicated to help clients choose the right solution to meet their needs. They will guide you to select appropriate animal models, conducting high quality studies and generating study reports tailored to your specific needs. At Timeline/Pipeline Bioresearch we understand the significance of collaboration and meeting timelines and budgets. By using Timeline/Pipeline Bioresearch as CRO, clients will gain full transparency of their study and have full advantage of our scientists’ many years of experience.

Quality & Compliance

Timeline/Pipeline Bioresearch strives to produce high quality data with a quality level that meets the demands of the client and current legislation.

Our procedures comply with OECD guidelines for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and as such the company is frequently audited by the Danish Medicines Agency.

Studies are always conducted in regards to Good Research Practice (GRP) according to the procedures described by our quality assurance system to ensure high quality data. Non-compliant studies are not subject to audits.

Therefore, we have defined the following policy on the care and use of animals:

Timeline/Pipeline Bioresearch is committed to maintaining a high standards for the humane care and treatment of all laboratory animals and it is our policy that all due measures are taken to prevent or minimize pain and distress before, during, and after experimental procedures.

We are committed to implementing the three R’s- Reducing the number of animals used, Replacement by non-animal methods whenever possible and Refinement of the techniques used to eliminate or reduce suffering and improve animal welfare.

Animal Welfare

Timeline/Pipeline Bioresearch is a biomedical contract research organization; hence the majority of our activities involve the use of laboratory animals.

All experiments are performed in accordance with EU-regulations and ISO-10993-2: “Animal Welfare Requirements” and are approved by the National Animal Experiments Inspectorate under the Ministry of Justice.

Timeline/Pipeline Bioresearch will obtain of all necessary legal, regulatory and ethical permissions.

At Timeline/Pipeline Bioresearch we acknowledge that good science and good animal welfare go hand in hand and that we have an ethical and scientific obligation to ensure the appropriate treatment of animals used in research.


Timeline/Pipeline Bioresearch’ staff includes people with degrees and experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, veterinary medicine, veterinary surgery, GPL, etc. None of the staffs at T/P Bioresearch has  less than 4 years of scientific education.

Scientists and technicians are well experienced in the often difficult task of working according to settled plans and schedules.